Psychiatry Clerkship Requirements

Mandatory Requirements

Oral Presentation

Oral Presentation Form

Orally present two cases to your attending. The oral presentations should be 4-6 minutes in length and include all the components of a typical psychiatric admission note with an appropriate assessment and plan. They should NOT include handouts or visual materials.

The assessment and plan should be patient focused discussing the differential diagnosis and treatment option in the context of the individual patient. Formal literature citation is not expected though clearly your diagnosis, assessment and plan should be evidence based. Your attending and/or preceptor will be asked to comment on the strength of your oral presentations in your evaluation. 

Upload your Oral Presentation forms to the CANVAS site for Psychiatry.

CEX Clinical Demeanor and Therapeutic Interactions

Complete the Clinical Skills Examination (CEX) and have the evaluation form signed by your attending. It does NOT need to be a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation! Rather, you should be evaluated during an extended clinical encounter (e.g., longer than 5 minutes) on your ability to manage and direct the interview/intervention. 

The CEX in psychiatry evaluates your ability to engage, empathize and communicate with a patient. It can be performed on a new patient or during on-going care.

Upload your CEX results form to the Psychiatry CANVAS site.

Present a Topic Form

Present on a topic of your choosing to your attending and/or treatment team or other audience. Topics can be anything related to the mental health including basic pathophysiology, therapy, epidemiology and/or sociocultural issues and should cite literature or other references.

It is highly recommended that you narrow your topic! Do not review general approaches to treating major disorders (e.g., pharmacologic approaches to treating MDD) but rather limit yourself to a more restricted question (e.g., what is the evidence that lithium can be used to augment antidepressants in MDD). It is expected this will be at least 15 minutes long. You may prepare a handout or a slide set, but this is not absolutely required. There is no formal evaluation form for the presentation.  

Upload your topic title to the Psychiatry CANVAS.


Links to find local 12-step meeting (Alcohol, narcotics, gambling anonymous are the most common) can be found on

The on-line cases are listed in CANVAS. These are not graded. Complete 6 Online Patient Cases.

Exposure to a variety of mental health patients is required. After seeing a patient in one of the specific category listed below, you must log this exposure into E*Value as you do in other clerkship’s.

Patient Exposure Areas:

  • Psychotic Disorder
  • Mood Disorder
  • Anxiety Disorder
  • Substanceralate d/o
  • Personality Disorder
  • Cognitive Disorder
  • Suicidal Ideation

If any categories are empty by the 3rd week of the clerkship, you may select one of the CANVAS cases for that diagnosis and mark this as a patient exposure in E*Value. This assures you have some exposure to a wide variety of psychiatric diagnoses. A single exposure is sufficient.

Mid Rotation Feedback Form

This is feedback of your work, not your feedback of the clerkship.

The feedback MUST be done by an attending and it MUST be in writing.  Upload your Mid Clerkship Feedback form to the Psychiatry CANVAS site.

** you may also put your Topic Presentation Title on this document.

Complete the required School of Medicine evaluation forms for each of your preceptors/instructors. It is essential that you identify/evaluate each supervisor you worked with. (Who Did You Work With Survey)

  • Observation of electroconvulsive therapy (if available at your site)
  • Participation in any groups available at your site. Even if you choose to go on to do a residency in psychiatry, you may never again have the time or opportunity to attend general groups on the inpatient unit! Areas include recreation, cognitive behavior, dialectical behavior, chemical dependence, goals planning, relaxation group and more.