Core Clerkship Sites

During the Patient Care Phase, University of Washington School of Medicine students can complete their required core clerkship in psychiatry at the listed sites. The combination of rural and urban locations allows for students to individualize their education. 


PBSCI 649 P – Basic Psychiatry Clerkship

Inpatient clinical experience at Eastern State Hospital, WA. Students will work for 3 weeks on the adult psychiatric unit and 3 weeks on the geropsychiatric unit. On the adult unit, students will be exposed to a wide range of psychopathology including psychotic disorders, mood disorders and personality disorders co-morbid with the expected high incidence of anxiety disorders and chemical dependency issues. This is an involuntary unit and thus students will learn about the WA state Involuntary Treatment Act (ITA) and both the psychopharmacology and therapeutic measures taken to stabilize acutely decompensated individuals. On-site legal proceedings will compliment and this experience. On the geropsychiatric ward students will be exposed to older individuals with cognitive and behavioral issues spanning the gamut of geriatric psychiatry. This experience would provide in-depth training for those students interested in geriatric and internal medicine, neurology and psychiatry who wished to get comprehensive experience treating dementia and co-morbid mental health disorders.

Site Coordinator: Lesley Blake at; 509-565-4547

PBSCI 665 P-Basic Clinical Clerkship

A primarily inpatient experience at one of the two Seattle teaching hospitals: Harborview Medical Center, or Veterans Administration Hospital. Student will work with residents and attendings at these sites have may have the opportunity to experience psychiatric emergency services, crisis intervention and consultation to patients on the medical/surgical wards with psychiatric dysfunction. Familiarity with psychopharmacology and short-term hospitalization emphasized. The students will see patients with a wide range of mental illnesses including cognitive, mood, anxiety, psychotic, personality, and substance use disorders.


Site Coordinator: Margie Trenary; (206) 744-4564

PBSCI 668 P-Psychiatry Clerkship

Students in Spokane will have the unique opportunity to work primarily in outpatient mental health care. This is a longitudinal outpatient rotation in which the student works in different practice settings: these include and assertive community outreach team (PACT), a residency outpatient clinic, Group Health Psychiatry, Opioid treatment program, and child and adolescence psychiatry. They have a motivational interviewing course in which they get a foundational introduction, followed by weekly skills training. Students get exposure to patients with a wide range of mental illnesses including adolescent psychiatry and integrated mental health care in the primary care setting.

Site Coordinator: Linda Barkley; 509-474-4744 (M, T, Th) or 509-474-2451 (W, F)

Site Preceptor: John Wurzel III, MD


PBSCI 655 P-Basic Psychiatry Clerkship

Will spend time with inpatient treatment team-4 weeks, also work with crisis clinicians to get exposure to the ER evaluations. Learn about inpatient psychiatric care. Daily opportunity to work with the consultation liaison psychiatrist and see patients on the medical and surgical floor. Participate in ER evaluations with Psychiatric Assessment and Referral Team (PART). Spend time with psychiatrists doing evaluation and treatment for adult, child, geriatric, dual diagnosis, and developmentally disabled patients. Spend 2 weeks with each of the psychiatrists including child psychiatry. This is flexible and could be tailored towards the student, based on interest.

**Due to COVID-19 our Outpatient providers are all working virtually via Telehealth so Students will be spending majority of their rotation with Inpatient and PART until Outpatient providers are back in clinic seeing patients face-to-face.**

Site Preceptor: Dr. Jason Collison (Medical Director), (307) 633-7382

Site Coordinator: M. Lorina Vei, (307) 633-7376

PBSCI 665 P-Basic Psychiatry Clerkship – Sheridan

Please Note this Site has a 2 Month Credentialing Process


PBSCI 631 P-Basic Psychiatry Clerkship

Please Note this Site has a 2 Month Credentialing Process

Bartlett Regional Hospital is operated by the City and Borough of Juneau. We are licensed for a total of 57 inpatient beds and 16 substance-abuse treatment facility beds in the Rainforest Recovery Center. The hospital serves a 15,000-square-mile region in the northern part of Southeast Alaska. Approximately 55,000 people reside in our service area, with most communities inaccessible by road.

Behavioral Health programs include:

A 12 bed locked inpatient Mental Health Unit (MHU). This is an acute unit which usually runs at or near capacity. Due to bed shortages across the state of Alaska, we often have patients from outlying communities. Part of the challenge is finding appropriate follow-up care for patients returning to remote villages with limited services. The unit is staffed by a multidisciplinary team including a two psychiatric providers, nursing, social work staff and a clinical psychologist.

Rainforest Recovery Center, a 12 bed residential substance-abuse treatment facility (ASAM level 3.5). and 4 bed Withdrawal Management Unit, and outpatient clinic. Staffed by a psychiatrist, therapists, chemical dependency counselors, social workers and nursing, providing detox and substance abuse treatment including MAT. As with our Mental Health Unit, patients often come from outlying communities. Many have co-occurring mental health diagnoses which are addressed during treatment as well. We have an active MAT program including Suboxone, Sublocade and Vivitrol.

Bartlett Outpatient Psychiatry Services (BOPS). An outpatient clinic serving patients with mental health and substance abuse diagnoses. The clinic is staffed by psychiatric providers (psychiatrists and ARNPs), nurse, medical assistants, and Master’s level clinicians.

In addition, we have an active consultation service which provides psychiatric and addiction medicine consultation services to our inpatient units and Emergency Department.

Students will be exposed to various psychiatric disorders and substance abuse disorders, experience practice in a small community with sometimes limited psychiatric and medical resources, and work with a diverse population including Alaska Natives in a state with a high incidence of substance abuse and domestic violence.

Site Preceptor

Joanne Gartenberg, M.D. is a graduate of the University of Washington School of Medicine and a board-certified psychiatrist. She completed her psychiatry residency training at UC San Diego, where she joined the clinical faculty and practiced for many years. She was a staff psychiatrist at Bartlett from 2011 to 2015, and returned as Medical Director in fall of 2018. She was Medical Director at Community Psychiatric Clinic in Seattle from 2015 to 2018.

Site Preceptor: Dr. Joanne Gartenberg


Under Construction – Opening Autumn 2020

PBSCI 633 P-Basic Psychiatry Clerkship

Billings has one psychiatry clinical training site offered at Billings Clinic, Department of Psychiatry with Dr. Amy Schuett.  You will work with the Site Director and faculty at that site. The students will see patients with a wide range of mental illnesses including cognitive, mood, anxiety, psychotic, personality, and substance use disorders

Drug testing through the SOM is required.


Site Preceptor: Dr. Amy Schuett,

Site Coordinator: Kristina McComas,

PBSCI 660 P-Basic Psychiatry

The student will spend four days a week at Bozeman Deaconess Hospital participating in an outpatient psychiatry clinic.  This will include exposure to patients with the diagnosis of mood disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, personality disorders, substance use disorders, and cognitive disorders.  The student will spend significant time with two different attendings at this site – Dr. Thomas and Brigham.  This rotation allows the medical student to have significant outpatient psychiatry exposure.

Transportation & Housing

You are responsible to arrange your own transportation. The site will provide housing. Housing in Bozeman is a 3-bedroom, 2 bath condo, approximately 8 minutes away from the hospital by car, and 15 minutes by bike. It is highly recommended to have a car, particularly during the winter months. Housing will be shared with other clinical WWAMI students, so is not setup for family housing. No pets allowed.


Bozeman is the gem of Big Sky Country, bustling with activities for all seasons. Winter brings powder to the peaks at Bridger Bowl Ski Area and nearby Big Sky Ski Resort, while the spring brings high waters and thrilling rafting on the Gallatin River. Summer is splendid for backpacking the Gallatin Divide, and fall colors bring nearby Yellowstone Park to life as the wildlife come out to mate. The city’s cultural scene thrives with annual events like the American Indian Pow Wow and the rodeo.

​Bozeman has a population of approximately 50,000 people, making it the fourth largest city in Montana. It is a very active community surrounded by mountains with an abundance of recreational activities, including skiing, mountain biking, kayaking, fishing, and hiking. Bozeman is also home to Montana State University.

Site Preceptor: Anne Thomas, MD;; (406) 404-0619

​Site Coordinator: Kayla Hatfield,

PBSCI 661 P-Basic Psychiatry Clerkship

In this 6-week clerkship, students will spend 3 weeks at Shodair Children’s Hospital, an independent psychiatric hospital for children and adolescents and 3 weeks in an outpatient private clinic setting that is approximately 50% adult and 50% child/family (and also provides Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation).

​At Shodair, the student will work with psychiatric attendings across a variety of settings, including Acute, Residential and Outpatient.  Students also may have the opportunity to work with the Shodair genetics department.  Students will be encouraged to ask questions about the field of psychiatry, see what psychiatric practice is like in a non-university setting, and have a meaningful and useful experience that will be helpful regardless of their future medical specialty. Throughout this clerkship, students will work directly with psychiatric attendings with the goal of working with a limited overall number of attendings during the clerkship to promote: 1) continuity of care – following the same patients over the duration of the clerkship, 2) increased opportunities – the student will be able to demonstrate competency in core areas of psychiatric care and advance in performing interviews and documenting patient encounters, and 3) mentorship – students will be encouraged to ask questions about the field of psychiatry, see what psychiatric practice is like in a non-university setting, and have a meaningful and useful experience that will be helpful regardless of their future medical specialty. This outpatient clinic experience will have a greater focus on working with children and families but also will include adult psychiatry patients.


Big Sky Psychiatry: Leonard Lantz MD,; 406-204-2151

​Shodair Children’s Hospital: Heather Zaluski MD,; 406-444-7500

​Housing (Helena med student condo managed by Partners in Pediatrics): Chris Kiser,; 406-447-2886

PBSCI 662 P-Basic Psychiatry Clerkship

Students work at St. Patrick Hospital with adult and adolescent inpatients and in the emergency room for emergent-care exposure. Students may also have outpatient experience through the faculty outpatient practices. The students will see patients with a wide range of mental illnesses including cognitive, mood, anxiety, psychotic, personality, and substance use disorders.


Site Coordinator: Elizabeth Kelsey,, (406)- 243-4763

PBSCI 635 – P-Basic Psychiatry Clerkship

Each medical student will spend 2 weeks in outpatient clinic setting including both child and adolescent psychiatry.  Students will learn about wrap around services, care coordination, team-based care, and how to work with multi professionals in our community. Students will work directly with the psychiatric provider with the goal of working with a limited overall number of attendings during the clerkship to promote  1) continuity of care: following the same patient over the duration of their clerkship 2) increased opportunities- the student will be able to perform competency in the core areas of psychiatric care  and advanced in performing interviews and dictating/documenting  Patient encounters, and 3) mentorship-students will be encouraged to ask hard questions about the field of psychiatry, see psychiatric practice in non-university type setting, and have meaningful and useful experience that will be  helpful regardless of their future medical specialty.

Each medical student will spend 3 weeks in the acute in-patient setting working with either adolescent and or adult populations.  The student will experience multidisciplinary teams on an acute psychiatric unit.  Each student will experience voluntary and involuntary patients, they will have the opportunity to work with addictions and other medical specialties and have the array of all medical specialists available.  Students will work with attending psychiatrists with a focus on acute stabilization and transition to lower levels of care and or the state hospital.  Students will have opportunities to interact with schools, agencies, state facilities, court systems, families, and primary care providers in multiple communities.

Students will spend another week in the main KRMC hospital with Consult Liaison Psychiatry.  The student will experience Psychiatry as a consultive service for multiple medical specialties, the emergency room, and hospital-based service.  They will experience the integration and application of psychiatry interventions in complicated medical and surgical cases.


 Site director:  Todd Shumard; (406) 756-3950

Admin contact:  Amy Sterchi;  (406) 756-4744



The Boise VA uses a platform called myClinicalExchange to onboard and credential medical students: (Links to an external site.)


Current student subscription options are:

6 Months – $20

12 Months – $39.50

18 Months – $59.50

24 Months – $79

Student fees will be reimbursed by the School of Medicine.


Name: Lydia Carbis, Cody McGee


Site Coordinator: Julie Brodal  –

Credentialing  Coordinator: Tina Nelson  –

Contact the site coordinators for housing and credentialing information.